About Us

At Design By Yani H, we do more than just design spaces; we shape mindsets. Our philosophy is simple yet powerful: your environment profoundly influences your mindset. Founded By Yaneyra Hilario. We specialize in Vacant Home Staging, offering local and online design services for Short-term Rentals, Corporate Rentals, and Interior Design.

Our flagship service, Vacant Home Staging, works like magic, turning properties into captivating homes that sell faster and boost realtors’ clientele ROI. We own our inventory, ensuring both security and affordability.

For Short-term and Corporate Rentals, we craft personalized Mood Boards—unique masterpieces that come complete with budgets, shopping lists, layouts, and installation guides—all at a fraction of the cost of full design services.Our core values—resilience, authenticity, accountability, discipline, and innovation—are the foundation of our excellence.

Discover the enchantment of mindset staging with us today.

Yaneyra Hilario Interior Designer