Occupied Home Staging

Pictures can talk...

A photo talks better than a thousand words. A good quality photo can help a homeowner and realtor’s listing property sell 32% faster than a house with a low-quality image. We prepare the occupied and vacant property before photos. We declutter the occupied home, de-personalize the home, and brighten up space for better image presentation.

Decluttering and the MLS

Why decluttering is so important before putting up the pictures in the MLS?

Imagine yourself going to a restaurant recommended by your friend, he said the food is amazing, and when the waitress placed your plate on the table it looks unappetizing. Well, it works the same in real estate. As an owner and/or agent you want everyone walking inside your home to be able to pictures then self in the space. The prospective client needs to feel welcoming, refresh, and tranquil.

The client will make a decision in their mind based on the first 5 seconds they spend on the property. We’ll help you they fall in love with the property in the first 5seconds. 


What’s Include…

Service Start At $675 
  • Phone consultation
  • Proposal
  • 30mins. home survey
  • 2.5 hrs Organization
  • Declutter, and styling your with existing furniture
  • (Extra furniture and accessories available upon request at a cost)
  • Color recommendation
  • Two Pictures per room

Let us guide you through the process...

Step One

We scheduled a property visit to check all the areas that need attention and we leave you with homework. Schedule a final visit. That will help us get the property prepare for next step.

Step Two

During this visit, we re-arranged the furniture and accessories of the property. We style your home using your own furniture and /or adding accessories as needing it for a better look.

Third Step

While we work on the staging of the property, a professional photographer is on-site ready to snap the pictures of the property. The digital images will be delivered to you within two business days.

Some strategies can help you organize and declutter your home on your own. Allow us to help you with that. It’s ok, you don’t need to hire a professional to know these simple tricks.  Below we have attached a questionnaire to help you organize your home to your desires. If you need further handhold reach out to us.

Take advantage of the free questionnaire by filling in the information below.